I have just registered, where should I start from? Visit TERMS webpage and introduce with shop's conditions. After that follow to the billing page and TOP-UP Your account. Remember that You must satisfy condition of 100$ payment for activation. My card is invalid, what to do? Do I get refund for 'NO REF' cards? There are several check options in ORDERS section. You can use checker to get autorefund. Remember if You bought card without check or You bought card from 'NO REFUND' base (You may know about it inside 'CAN I REFUND' collumn) - we donot provide refund in such case. I have questions, where to apply? We have very professional support who may help You with lots of questions. We want to notify that our support TICKET system is not an inquiry office, but we will definately answer You to any question according our service. You will get answer to the ticket ASAP. I'm not happy with pricing policy Prices are correspondent to the material quality. Prices may vary from base to base. My orders are missing, how did this happen? We keep orders for undefinite time. They might be erased without notification. Please always save the orders on Your side. Can I have multiuser account? All accounts can be used as multiuser. I got my account BANNED, what to do now? Apply a ticket request. We will process investigation on Your case and if You've been banned occasionally we will bring our appologies. Otherwise we will BAN all associated account also. Your checker is giving me suspicious results, I dont trust it. ALL other websites have same checker systems. And none of us responsible for it. Contact checker support. Tickets on this issue may result as BAN for your account. I lost access to my account or it has been stolen. What should I fill in ticket request? Please contact support immediately and provide latest FULL INFO ABOUT PAYMENT CONFIRMATION done to Your account as well as the account name, otherwise ticket request may be ignored. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SSN/DOB Search Questions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How long do You keep my records? We do not keep Your records. Always save records on Your side. My SSN or DOB is wrong, do You refund? We are not responsible for any SSN/DOB search results and there is NO refund for them. How to use SSN/DOB search tool? Fill in the forms and press SEARCH button. Click on 'Refresh' until You get 'Show' result where You can observe records and make purchase